The Destiny strand

Game Four - End the Plague

Big Bada Boom

1.) Brandon places the stasis mask on Amy, saving her from any Taint
2.) Raka roots around in the Abomination, neglecting to pull Vulnar from beneath it and finds the button.
3.) Kjolin opens up the cage of a Dwarven noble, the King and The King’s blade.
4.) Vulnar wakes up, and starts stashing a bunch of notes and materials from Alpha’s lab into a box. Brandon loots the corpse of Alpha and takes his gloves and notebook.
5.) Brandon consoles the King’s Blade as the team leaves the testing chambers.
1A.) Linwe wakes up in a hospital, having being shanked with a poison blade
2A.) She heads over to the North Island after reading a note left by Raka
3A.) She sees Stefan, and flirts with him. After finding out some information, she heads into Deadman’s Woods with Stefan trailing.
4.) The team heads over to Doctor Oxen’s place. He’s in bad shape and the team with the King and the King’s Blade in tow head back through the Goblin tunnels to the forest.
5.) Before they do, the Dwarven Noble gives them his weekend home in the city.
4A.) Stefan and Linwe get to Claire’s house. Stefan knocks on the door and is thrown back by electric shock. It sends him flying onto a metal spike and breaks his ankle.
5.) The group gets through the tunnel right as Linwe gets there. Brandon patches up Stefan and the group convince Claire to come with them.
6.) Brandon leaves as Claire is looking over the notes. He offers up some 6,000 yr old elven moss to the Forest Gods and they split the trees for him. He gets the party and they get the fuck out.
7.) Brandon and Amy enter the city, he drops her off at her Fathers house.
8.) The rest of the group get through the gates. Linwe flirts with another Guard and Stephan starts fighting him. Kjolin attempts to bully his way in, but as usual; the metal man is bad at speaking.
9.) Everyone but Brandon go to the Oracle. Valnur breaks off and goes to public Baths where he infects half the city
10.) Linwe gets to the Elvish codex to get a Druid’s help as Raka and Kjolin along with the King and the King’s Blade gain access to the Codex.
11.) Brandon gets Alpha’s mask to protect him against the plague and quarantines the South Island as Kjolin gets dockworkers and tinkers to build a machine to pulse an electrical charge to knock out the plague.
12.) The druid and Linwe get to the Oracle, they summon a massive electrical storm which blows up the machinery in the south island and sets fire to the town.
13.) Kjolin tries to shield Raka, but only serves to electrocute her.



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