Akra Kriv

Dragonborn Warblade Fighter


Level: 5
Size: Medium
Age: 425
Gender: F
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 280lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Scaley
Skin: Gold/Red
Deity: Bahamut
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 8

HP: 52
AC: 14

- Great Axe
- Bolas (x2)
- Fire Breath

Fortitude: 7
Reflex: 1
Will: 1


My name is Akra Kriv. I was born in Dracwald in the Destiny Strand 425 years ago. To most people, I am merely a legend, something to tell children to your children to get them to behave. I can confidently assure you… I am real.
My father was a half-dragon from the queen, Takhisis, and my mother was another human. So I am extremely rare as very few people can survive to create a half dragon or a dragonborn. There was only 13 of us on the entire island for the whole time I was there. When I was born, I was taken away from my parents for immediate tutoring and to be studied by the elders to perfect the technique of creating us.
I escaped about a year ago from that bahamut-forsaken island in search of more adventure than looking into a scrying ball and writing down what I see. I am a historian by nature, as are all the dragons and dragonborns there. So escaping the torturous boredom so far has been a way more enriching and entertaining experience than I have ever had before. I escaped about a year ago during the dragon mating festival in summer. Its the only time of the year that everything is not completely locked down on the island. I packed a bag and snuck onto a cargo ship. The ship took a few months to reach Targus and the Shark Academy. I then made my way along the coast, selling dragonbane and performing odd jobs where ever possible. Although a lot of people don’t seem to like the tall lizard woman wandering among them. Its quite humorous on occasion to see people panic.
For fun, I like to light small things (scraps of paper, cloth, twigs etc) on fire. Its small, but it keeps me entertained. Which is why, I guess, I never made a good historian. Several of my projects have accidentally been in the way of my fire on occasion.
I have an affinity for all things shiny. I have several piercings in my ear flaps and am always adorned with whatever jewelry I can grab. Also I have a small jar in my sword holster with a pet insect. Well, several pet insects. They really don’t last long. What do insects eat anyway?
I am an honorable person in general. I will follow the rules unless I am being threatened or attacked. But I will not attack an unarmed person, where is the fun in that?
If I had to pick some personal flaws, I guess I would have to say I do not really understand social clues or personal boundaries. I never have lived with humans before, only seen them at a distance or read stories of them until I started traveling. This may make me seem callous and uncaring, but I do try my best to not offend as many people as possible. Also I have an unhealthy fear of looking up. Its weird I know and it mostly only affects me when I am outside, but whenever I look up, I get really dizzy and start to hyperventilate and/or pass out.
I honesty do not have any immediate goals in life. When I die, I die. And I will live forever until someone or something kills me. So why plan to accomplish goals when I have all of forever to complete them. All I know is that I need adventure because really, who wants to stare at a glass ball for all of eternity? Over 400 years is way more than enough.

Akra Kriv

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