The Destiny strand

Game Four - End the Plague
Big Bada Boom

1.) Brandon places the stasis mask on Amy, saving her from any Taint
2.) Raka roots around in the Abomination, neglecting to pull Vulnar from beneath it and finds the button.
3.) Kjolin opens up the cage of a Dwarven noble, the King and The King’s blade.
4.) Vulnar wakes up, and starts stashing a bunch of notes and materials from Alpha’s lab into a box. Brandon loots the corpse of Alpha and takes his gloves and notebook.
5.) Brandon consoles the King’s Blade as the team leaves the testing chambers.
1A.) Linwe wakes up in a hospital, having being shanked with a poison blade
2A.) She heads over to the North Island after reading a note left by Raka
3A.) She sees Stefan, and flirts with him. After finding out some information, she heads into Deadman’s Woods with Stefan trailing.
4.) The team heads over to Doctor Oxen’s place. He’s in bad shape and the team with the King and the King’s Blade in tow head back through the Goblin tunnels to the forest.
5.) Before they do, the Dwarven Noble gives them his weekend home in the city.
4A.) Stefan and Linwe get to Claire’s house. Stefan knocks on the door and is thrown back by electric shock. It sends him flying onto a metal spike and breaks his ankle.
5.) The group gets through the tunnel right as Linwe gets there. Brandon patches up Stefan and the group convince Claire to come with them.
6.) Brandon leaves as Claire is looking over the notes. He offers up some 6,000 yr old elven moss to the Forest Gods and they split the trees for him. He gets the party and they get the fuck out.
7.) Brandon and Amy enter the city, he drops her off at her Fathers house.
8.) The rest of the group get through the gates. Linwe flirts with another Guard and Stephan starts fighting him. Kjolin attempts to bully his way in, but as usual; the metal man is bad at speaking.
9.) Everyone but Brandon go to the Oracle. Valnur breaks off and goes to public Baths where he infects half the city
10.) Linwe gets to the Elvish codex to get a Druid’s help as Raka and Kjolin along with the King and the King’s Blade gain access to the Codex.
11.) Brandon gets Alpha’s mask to protect him against the plague and quarantines the South Island as Kjolin gets dockworkers and tinkers to build a machine to pulse an electrical charge to knock out the plague.
12.) The druid and Linwe get to the Oracle, they summon a massive electrical storm which blows up the machinery in the south island and sets fire to the town.
13.) Kjolin tries to shield Raka, but only serves to electrocute her.

Game Three - Intelligent Design
Critical Miss

1.) Brandon dropped off the fake Egg at the palace gates while Kjolin tracked down information about himself and Amy. Brandon feels bad and figures Linwe being sidelined is due to his assault on her.
2.) Akra and Vulnar go shopping for healing potions (READ: Plant Semen)
3.) Brandon implants his tracker in a stray dog in the Slums.
4.) The party reconvenes and goes to find info on Amy and the Plague. A doctor points them towards his old partner, who has fled to “Deadman’s Wood”.
5.) Brandon convinces Amy’s father that Amy was kidnapped and trapped in the woods. Being a merchant of rare woodcrafted items, he grants them supplies to help them survive.
6.) The party heads off to Deadman’s woods. They camp the night and head off in the morning.
7.) While going through the woods, they meet a small man that attempts to give them false directions. Vulnar threatens it, and it reveals the correct path.
8.) Forging a path through the forest, they come across a hoard of bats. Brandon swiftly one-shots the Alpha Female bat and the rest scatter. He guts the bat and wears it on his belt. No one says anything.
9.) After running from the bats, they find a baby bear playing in the woods. Kjolin wants to play with it (I mean, he’s a robot. Why would he want to? Whatever.) but the party convinces him that’s a bad idea.
10.) They come across a pouch in the woods. Brandon takes it, and tells the party it’s chess pieces.
11.) They come across a metal box in the woods surrounded by traps. It’s owned by the partner of the doctor. She identifies herself as “Claire” and that she was sent to the past to stop an apocalypse from taking place during a war between magic and technology. Her actual partner, from the future, is engineering “the perfect plague.” He is identified as “Alpha”.
12.) Claire heals them and then sends them through a tunnel back to the Quarantined zone. An old Goblin tunnel that goes under the ocean and city walls.
13.) The party gathers enough clues to lead them to Alpha. He has his laboratory disguised as a run down tenement. After several contradictory plans of action, Vulnar simply hides in the shadows and then smashes through a pane of glass to pimp-slap Alpha in the face.
14.) The party chases after him by revealing his glimmer spell. A multi-story testing center is revealed and they fight an abomination and Alpha himself.
15.) While fighting, poison Gas is rising, they realize that there are crystal like cells with people in them. One of them is Amy, and one of them looks like the King.
16.) Alpha performs a savage attack on Kjolin which causes him to shut down. Vulnar keeps missing, but proves impossible to hit.
17.) Akra distracts the Abomination while Brandon shoves a bunch of grenades into his gutted Bat and tosses the explosive bat-satchel at abomination. This really hurts it.
18.) Eventually, Brandon’s attacks manage to weather down the Abomination before it can kill Akra. Vulnar finally hits the Plague doctor, who goes off to finish the badly hurt Akra.
19.) Kjolin wakes up, and goes haywire, attacking Akra.
20.) Akra pins the Plague doctor to the ground and RIPS HIS FACE OFF. (Seriously, that’s a thing that happened.)
21.) Kjolin reveals he remembers everything from before coming to the city, and that he was created by a Dragon in another world to kill.
22.) Brandon stabalizes Amy and puts his Plague filter on her, to ensure she lives.
23.) Vulnar manages to turn the fans on that were stopping the emptying of gas in the room.

Game Two - Cock Fights
More Eggs, More Problems.

1.) The gang wakes up, a little worse for wear in the Elven codex
2.) Brandon drops off some paperwork for the Elven elders to sign in order to release Kjolin and him from police service.
3.) The gang is summoned to the head of the Tinkers guild’s house. It is revealed that a Dragon Egg was on one of the boats and has found its way into their hands.
4.) The Red Chain Gang assaults the Tinker’s house utilizing explosives, a war dog and a man missing half his face named “Bruno”.
5.) Without much trouble, and with the help of techo-magic; the assaulting force is defeated and sees Bruno captured. Kjolin, however; has killed a house full of kids by disposing a belt of grenades in what was assumed to be a run down tenement.
6.) Brandon leaves to inform the King that there is a Dragon Egg in the city. And it’s seemingly able to be incubated. The rest of the team decide to hatch the egg themselves. Because why not, free dragon.
7.) Everyone sans Brandon enlist the help of the Tinker’s guild to build an incubator that will hopefully create a Copper Dragon. Valnur decides to kill a man for asking too many questions.
8.) Brandon tells the king and his advisors that there’s a dragon egg and where to find it. Believing in the likelihood that it’s best stored with the powerful. Knowing that his group knows very little of dragons, raising one, or how to control it. He feels that his first duty is to the city.
9.) Brandon and the Guard arrive to secure the Egg. No one else but Brandon likes this plan. The rest of the group convince him and the guards that the Egg isn’t actually active. The guards leave, Brandon chooses to believe the story of them having to burn the Egg for dragon reasons.
10.) They set watch to guard the Egg. Brandon sneaks out before his shift to pursue Linwe. Tackling her in an Alley, they have an argument over the future of the Egg and where their loyalties lie. Brandon tells Linwe “If this all goes tits-up. I’m killing you first.” Not trusting the Elven trouble maker. This causes Linwe to snap and attempt to burn Brandon. Choosing to ignore the deserved aggression, he walks away and takes over the sentry duty.
11.) Linwe tells the rest of the party what happened, and Brandon doesn’t return in the morning. The machine is successfully finished and the Egg is strapped in.
12.) Everyone is summoned to the Elven Codex, where they are given clues about the coming darkness.
13.) Brandon shows up with the fake egg and discharge papers from the police. Allowing Kjolin and himself free reign.

Valnur spent the time sleeping and seducing Elven women, after being confined to the Codex after killing a man.

Game One - Metal Man, Poison Fish
The hazards of alcohol with fire


  1. Fought “Red Chain Gang” on ship
  2. Brandon almost killed Linwe after Kjolin poisoned her
  3. Linwe almost burned down a ship, costing major repairs
  4. Gang was summoned to the Elder at the Elven Codex
  5. Linwe and Akra press ganged to sell fish in order to recoup costs while Kjolin attempted to fix the damaged ship
  6. Everyone ganged up to track down and capture the elusive prostitute
  7. Brandon spear tackled the naked prostitute from the tree
  8. Everyone got drunk
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