Dal Prison


The destiny strands mega-prison. Since it was opened over 400 years ago, only 3 of its 200 prisoners have ever escaped. People come here to live and die, nobody is ever released once they are contained.

It is 50 miles off the west coast of the continent, in water several hundred feet deep. Much like a earth oil tanker, it is rooted to the bottom of the ocean.

The outer ring consists purely of guards quarters, the inner square is the holding cells of the prisoners. The water in between is guarded by hired druids controlling water elementals. The only bridge that connects the two parts of the prison is kept white hot all but 2 hours of the day, the switching of the guard (every 12 hours), and the passing out of prisoner rations and supplies once a day.

The prison himself is made from the extracted hard alloy metals from several nearby mountains.

The following prisoners are kept here:
-Repeat escapees
-deemed overly-powerful criminals
-those with life sentences

Dal Prison

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